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RT60 App Terms and Privacy

RT Sixty Ltd (RT60) Apps do not share any of you personal data.

The use of these Apps is at your own risk. The App is provided on an 'as is' basis. To the maximum extent permitted by law: (a) RT60 Ltd and RT Sixty Ltd disclaim all liability whatsoever, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise in relation to the app; and (b) all implied warranties, terms and conditions relating to the App (whether implied by statue, common law or otherwise), including (without limitation) any warranty, term or condition as to accuracy, completeness, satisfactory quality, performance, fitness for purpose or any special purpose, availability, non infringement, information accuracy, interoperability, quiet enjoyment and title are, as between future and you, hereby excluded. In particular, but without prejudice to the foregoing, we accept no responsibility for any technical failure of the internet and/or the App; or any damage or injury to users or their equipment as a result of or relating to their use of the App.


Where an RT Sixty Ltd app requires you to create an account and log in with a username, email and password, we maintain the privacy of your personal data and do not share this data with any third parties. We may invite you to supply additional (optional) data about yourself in order for us to give you the best personalised experience for the app and educational ecosystems that we offer. We do not share any of this optional data with any third parties either. We may email you offers and newsletters which are relevant to your personal data preferences, but you are welcome to unsubscribe from receiving these communications from within the app or by emailing

We make no guarantee that the App will function fully or at all with different operating system versions other than that on which it was first installed. On occasion, hardware and operating system developers (such as Apple and Google) may make significant changes to the way in which their devices and platforms function, which may result in new products not supporting the version of an app which you have purchased - this scenario is out of our control, though we make best efforts to ensure that our apps continue to work on the newest devices and operating system versions where possible.


By using one of our Apps, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and accept these Terms.

RT Sixty mobile applications that are distributed through the Apple App Store are also bound by the Apple Licensed Application End User License Agreement, which can be found online here

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