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Songzap is the world’s first intelligent software that empowers musicians to take autonomy in recording demos, develop studio knowledge and expand their songwriting skills. Songzap is also designed for helping experienced musicians, songwriters and MCs to become more prolific in creating and signing-off songs, harnessing creative inspiration and capturing ideas on the go.

iDrumTune Pro

iDrumTune Pro is an innovative system for analyzing drum sounds and helping to learn the skill of drum tuning. The app provides a measurement of the main drumhead vibration frequencies, assists with tuning the drum at different locations around the perimeter, and with tuning the resonant drumhead.

Drummer ITP

Drummer ITP helps drummers to learn exceptionally accurate timing and become a true 'In The Pocket' player. The app is designed for practicing rudiment patterns with a drum practice pad - incorporating an intelligent listening feature, which allows performances against a metronome click to be measured and given as feedback scores.

Atomic Metronome 

Introducing Atomic – the atomic clock of metronomes! Atomic is simple and intuitive, yet packed with customisable features and bombproof precision timing control. Includes:

- Click Sequence Programmer

- Tempo Advance Mode

- Silent Click-Gap Mode

- Moving Click Mode

- Click Sound Designer

- Customisable Colours

- Saveable Setlists


The variPlay platform enables a unique interactive music experience, allowing the ability to engage with instrument stems, remix the audio, solo and mute musical components such as drums, guitar, synth and vocals. The app also incorporates rich artwork, video links, band info, lyrics, studio credits and much more to explore while listening. 

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