Drummer ITP


Are you a ‘human metronome’? Want to develop perfect ‘in the pocket’ timing? Or take your drumming and stick control to the next level of performance? Take the test with the intelligent Drummer ITP app..

Drummer ITP is the world’s first and most intelligent metronome.



Use Drummer ITP to practice all essential rudiment patterns and track your progress towards becoming a true 'in the pocket' drummer.


Drummer ITP listens and scores your timing accuracy, helping you to increase stick speed without compromising performance.


Design your perfect click sound, choose one of the 47 built-in practice exercises, and use Drummer ITP to take your stick control to the next level.


Available now in the iPhone App Store.

Drummer ITP Features

Includes practice patterns and rudiment exercises for all combinations of:

  • standard timing exercises (quarters, eighths, sixteenths)

  • triplet timing exercises

  • single paradiddles (including inverted, reverse and offset)

  • double paradiddles (including inverted, reverse and offset)

  • triple paradiddles (including inverted, reverse and offset)

  • single paradiddle-diddle patterns

  • double paradiddle-diddle patterns

  • rudimental drum rolls

(even more rudiments and practice exercises are coming soon!)


Additional features:

  • notation of all included rudiments and exercise patterns 

  • real-time left/right hand pattern indicator 

  • tempo adjustment from 30-240 bpm

  • beat time intervals 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

  • click designer with settings for pitch, tonality, click duration and volume

  • separate click design for the main beat and interval sounds

  • high scores chart for completed rudiments and exercises

  • preset click sounds

  • microphone sensitivity adjustment

  • intelligent 'learn latency' feature to ensure 100% accurate analysis

  • detailed information and guidance on using the Drummer ITP app


Drummer ITP can help you to learn exceptionally accurate timing with your drum performances and become a true 'In The Pocket' player. The app is designed for practicing rudiment patterns with a drum practice pad - incorporating an intelligent listening feature, which allows your performance against a metronome click to be measured and given as feedback scores. You can therefore track your progress and identify what rudiment patterns and tempos cause you most trouble with staying in time.


Drummer ITP therefore helps with improving stick speed whist maintaining timing accuracy. It also helps to identify the key tempos (bpm = beats-per-minute) where your technique changes from locked drum rolls to faster speeds which require you to bounce the drumsticks. Finding your breaking points with different stick pad rudiments will enable you to focus on the most challenging aspects of your personal stick technique and will underpin your development in all areas of drumming.


The main display shows both the rolling click waveform and the microphone readings from your performance on the practice pad, so you can easily see if you are playing ahead or behind the beat. There is also a unique accuracy indicator which shows how far ahead or behind the beat each of your hits is. Whilst performing rudiments on a practice pad, the app records an ongoing measurement of accuracy and consistency of the performance, so you can practice to keep the timing indicator right in the middle of the screen and achieve the highest possible scores. It's best to use the app with wired headphones to concentrate fully on the click, but if you want to check how accurate the app is, just turn up the loudspeaker volume and you'll see it measure its own sounds to 100% accuracy - so you can see how close your own performance scores are to that of an electronic drum machine!


Drummer ITP can be used in Manual or Rudiment mode. In Manual mode the metronome runs freely, as a standard metronome whilst also keeping a measurement of the recent performance scores. With a rudiment pattern active (i.e. using the app's Rudiment Mode), a count in starts a 30 or 60 second rudiment test, the results of which become a benchmark for evaluating your performance progress over time, with all your best high scores being recorded. The app can also be used purely as a standalone high-precision metronome with advanced settings allowing you to choose different pitches, volumes and intervals for the click.

Videos of Drummer ITP

Introducing Drummer ITP

Drummer ITP - Verifying Measurement Accuracy

Single Stroke Roll with Drummer ITP

Double Stroke Roll with Drummer ITP

User Reviews

"quite frankly the best metronome app I have ever came across - it blows the others away!"


"I'm currently using this for my students and I love everything about the app!"


"Really useful app for getting those rudiments to sound as seamless as possible."


"A great metronome for practicing carefully."

Featured in Sound On Sound Magazine


"I really like this app - it's got some great features to help you improve your timing and it's incredibly accurate in terms of the feedback it gives."

Sound On Sound

June 2020

read online here

Rudiment and Practice Exercises

The following rudiment and practice exercises are included in the Drummer ITP app. All exercises can be reversed for left hand lead, and we are continuously adding new exercises too!

Standard Timing Exercises

Triplet Exercises

Rudiment Drum Rolls

Single Paradiddles

Double Paradiddles

Triple Paradiddles

Single Paradiddle-Diddles

Double Paradiddle-Diddles



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