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RT60 Ltd have consulted and collaborated on many projects within the audio-visual and music industries, with partners including Warner Music Group, DTS, Audio Analytic, Prism Sound, ARM, RPG Acoustics, London College of Music, UK Music Producers Guild, and Domino Records. They have also been lead and co-partners on innovative research projects funded by The European Commission, Innovate UK, The UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England and NESTA.

RT60 are founded by Professor Rob Toulson, who is a world-leading expert in audio-visual mobile applications, digital signal processing, embedded systems, musical acoustics, music production and interactive sound design. In 2021, Dr Mike Exarchos, an MTV Award Winning rap artist and experienced music educator joined RT60 as Creative Director.


We are excited to collaborate on innovative audio-visual and music projects from technical, artistic, commercial, academic and educational perspectives; please contact us directly at to discuss potential projects and consultancy.

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