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01 August 2023

RT60 Ltd Wins Innovate UK’s Creative Catalyst Fund

UK music innovation company RT60 Ltd are winners of Innovate UK’s 2023 Creative Catalyst fund for the development of their Songzap V2 music app. The new version of Songzap – the world’s first pre-production app for songwriters – will introduce ground-breaking AI technologies, empowering non-technical musicians to capture their creativity and develop musical ideas on the go.


The Innovate UK Creative Catalyst programme, part of UK Research and Innovation, is set up to provide support for high potential businesses in the creative sector. RT60 Ltd have been developing innovative applications for musicians and the creative industries, including iDrumTune Pro, which has been the number one music app in over 100 countries since its launch. RT60’s technical director, Professor Rob Toulson, and creative director, Dr Mike Exarchos, are both successful music producers and educators who recently left their academic posts to pursue powerful music innovation leveraged specifically for mobile devices. Their mission statement is to help musicians create, develop and learn. Their educational philosophy is reflected in the company’s apps, which provide powerful creativity-enhancing features, minimise interface complexity and are supported by comprehensive online learning environments.



RT60 Directors Professor Rob Toulson (left) and Dr Mike Exarchos (right) exhibiting at NAMM 2023 in Los Angeles.


Songzap is “a great way to organise and develop your song and recording ideas without getting bogged down in the inevitable distractions of a full DAW”

(Sound On Sound Magazine Review)


Songzap implements this educational initiative, being specifically designed from the ground up as a mobile recording studio app, which makes it distinctly different from legacy computer music interfaces that have been repurposed for mobile devices. It is also aimed at musicians rather than music producers, maximising creative expression through a focus on accessibility, mobility and elegant interface design. Songzap’s developers are philosophical about the impact of AI on music creation and are therefore introducing supportive machine-learning features into Songzap V2; aimed not at replacing but, instead, empowering music creation, development and life-long learning.

For more information on Songzap, visit

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